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Baseball (womens) 1947 AAGPBL girls baseball league
Basketball (womens) 1909 (prep), 1915 (college)
      Boxing Misc. vintage boxers
Cheerleading 1935 (Hollywood), 1949 (Olney High, Penn.).
Drill Carolina majorettes by JR Patterson, 1950s.
Football 1930's (prep)
Gymnastics, mens Acrobats and gymnasts from the 1920s.
Olympics 1936 Berlin Olympics
Roller Skating 1948 US Roller Skating Championships
Sailing Sailing, ca. 1926.
Shooting Recreational target shooting, circa 1895.
Skiing Skiing, biathlon and ski jumping, 1920s.
Softball Prep softball team ca. 1953.
Swimsuit The evolution of the bathing costume / swimsuit.
Tennis Vintage shots ca. 1930.

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17 JUNE 2001

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