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Sportsmodels are individuals whose appearances have been enhanced by years of strenuous experience in sport. For surprisingly little, your company can benefit from the positive impression and energy associated with the fitness level and attractiveness of this type of model.

PHOTOSPORT has a variety of talented athletes for this purpose. Most have NCAA-level experience. Many also have professional experience, while some are high-level club or prep varsity athletes. Most are multi-sport athletes.

Furthermore, PHOTOSPORT continually locates and recruits athletes for this purpose.

Their talent and experience brings realism to our photos, which can range from simple set-up shots to pure action. You can choose from a wide variety of models with a range of looks and ethnicities to best suit your message. Many of these have real star power which can be tied with your product - you can get tomorrow's stars at today's rates.

How to get them: Contact us by email or phone for a quick, no-obligation quote. All commercial photos sold by PHOTOSPORT include appropriate releases.


Questions or comments? Please feel free to email us, call 646-509-3499, FAX 978-285-8582, or write: PHOTOSPORT, P.O. Box 55, El Cajon Calif., 92022.

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