Pricing and Licensing

Pricing for images for editorial use (magazine, newspaper, non-commercial blog)
  • Pricing is based on audience/circulation:

News Website / Blog
Audience Rate/mo/12 images (USD)
0-30,000 20
30,001-100,000 30
100,000-1m 50
w/Back Link FREE


Newspaper / Magazine / Book

  • Cover/Spreads are 2x
Audience Per Image Rate (USD)
0-30,000 20
30,001-100,000 50
100,000-1m 100
>1m 250

Pricing for advertising and promotional use

  • Pricing for Advertising Use is On Request
  • NOTE that most game action shots cannot be used in ads as they do not have model releases
  • We set up model-released simulated game action photos for advertising

Pricing for personal use, including decorating a private home or office

  • Personal Use pricing includes access to entire archive, and license to print out any images for personal use.

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08 APR 2011